Welcome to my world!

Hi guys! I'm roberta, a 23 years old girl from Siena, Italy.

After I graduated in "Visual Design" at University of Florence - Departement of Design, I work with enthusiasm as a freelance.

I really love graphic design and infographic: experimenting with colors&layout makes me happy, communicate through pictures is for me a rewarding job! Furthemore I loooove Photo Editing!

I always willing to learn more&more... this is for me the key to do it better! ^___^

Clip alphabeth

This Clip Alphabeth (Graffabeto) is been created by using simple office clips as types'body. First of all, i've positioned the clips in a white backrounds to simplify the Photoshop's process and I've photographed them making the letter's shapes.
Then with Adobe Indesign i've proceed with page layout.

Hope you like it



Cool idea!!! :D

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